Oscar 2014 Throwback

Oscar 2014 just ended a while ago and I bet some of your are still talking about it.

So, who is your best dressed and worst dressed of the night?

Lets talk about some of my favorites. First we have Lupita Nyong'o who was dressed in flowly light blue Prada gown. Damn, this girl never fails to surprise me. I love her.

Next we have Cate Blanchett in that nude with gold details Armani gown. So beautiful as always. Then we have Jennifer Lawrence, who strikes in red peplum Dior gown and fell again. I felt bad for her but she's like "hell, I don't care" and laughed when Ellen DeGeneres joke about it on stage. I seriously have no idea who wouldn't love her. She's a joker AND a talented actress.

Another of my fav, Charlize Theron. Dressed in black Dior haute couture gown, looking super stunning (as always). Let us just forget about the moments where she kinda missed out on  her lines because she looks fantastic on stage.

Then we have Kate Hudson in that white Versace gown with the cape over her shoulder, it took my breath away. She is no doubt the top best dressed of that night.

Feel free to leave your comments below to share who are your best and worst dressed of the night.


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