9MARCH2014 - What's in your bag?

Givenchy coney shoulder bag, Celine bi-colored wallet, iphone 5

What do you have in your bag today?

Since I'm only heading out for brunch with my family today, there's nothing much to bring but still, a girl always have to go with a bag/clutch even if you're just going to the supermarket. These days, everything is about the accessories. 

If you're just going out for a brunch/ breeze walk, you can be wearing just a tank top and a denim shorts, it doesn't matter, the accessories you match with will make you pop. Just remember to opt out your flippers and go with sandals.

So why is it important for a women to have a bag/clutch with them?

Someone close to me once told me "A women should always have a bag with her, if you don't want a bag, at least go with a clutch. A women is never a women without a bag/clutch in her hands." Which is definitely true. I remembered strolling down the streets of Milan with no bags/clutch with me since I'm so tired of holding them. My shoulders will always go down on me half way through and my mood will get affected by it. After he told me these, I looked around and think back, he's right. I'm looked like a plain little kiddo down the street. No women wants to look like this. It's sad.

Well, lesson learned. No pain no game. After that, I never go out without a bag or clutch. It can be as small as a sling iphone case like the ones from Chanel. It doesn't matter. You just need something on your shoulder or hand. 

Trust me, having a bag or clutch will never go wrong.

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