Chanel Throwback

Fall/Winter 2014 is coming to an end with great finales and you know what I'm talking about.

Lets go back to Chanel show. We know Karl Lagerfeld never fails to impress us with his show but this season, it left me speechless (in a good way).

I can't stop thinking about this show. Everything from the Chanel supermarket runway to the accessories, its just breath taking. If you guys have not view it, YOU HAVE TO!

One simple word to describe this show, fun.

What really makes me crazily in love is the Chanel grocery basket. If I ever see that in a supermarket, no way am I returning it back to the counter. It stays with me and hell ya I'm hanging it on my wall.

Another thing is, did you guys spotted Kendall Jenner walking down the runway. YUP! To be honest, I'm excited to see more of her in the modelling world. First runway debut for Marc Jacobs, then Givenchy and now Chanel. I have to say she do have a thing. She's talented.

To end off today, stay tune to my next post on Oscar throwback.

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