Sweet Potato, Sweet Sweet Potato

My dad brought back some really huge and fresh sweet potatoes from Malaysia and my mum and I decided to have a small little BBQ session on our own backyard. Something my mum and I have in common is that if we crave for something bad, we will do whatever we can to get it in our tummy and that's how this little BBQ session came about. My parents love inviting their friends over for BBQ and we can easily top the chart of having the most BBQ parties among our friends. Even when we are living in a HDB apartment, we will set up the BBQ pit just outside our doorstep and have our friends over. Sweet Potatoes are a "must have" during our BBQ Parties and if you don't have it in your BBQ parties, I might simply just not attend. Haha. Just Kidding! 

The perfect way of cooking sweet potatoes is by roasting them over a small fire and let it do it's magic. Slowly turn them around every 10-15mins to make sure every side of the it is cooked. Use a satay stick to poke through the sweet potatoes to see if they are ready. If the sweet potatoes are still hard, let them continue to sit in the fire until you can easily poke the satay stick right into the sweet potatoes and wala, your sweet potatoes is ready! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Have a great weekends ahead!


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