Mum's Surprise Birthday Celebration

*Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. Took it with my iphone.*

This is the first time my family and I (excluding my mum, I'm sorry) planned a surprise mission for my mum's birthday. We planned a month ahead and it's killing me for not telling my mum. I almost blew the whole plan up a couple of times. Good thing my mum isn't that quick. 

So my dad came up with this plan to fly "my mum and him" off to Bangkok and letting her thinks that all her children will be staying in Singapore, then we hop onto the next flight to Bangkok for her birthday. It's a tough mission for us since we couldn't pack anything until they leave for the airport (which is only a couple of hours) and the worst thing is, my brother and I actually have to wake up really early to pretend to go to work and wait for them to leave. Once my dad gave us the green light, we rushed home immediately and start packing like crazy. It was so hectic and my nerves are driving me insane. 

It was funny how my mum kept reminding us to make sure the gate to our house is closed and to make sure all the switches are off before we go to bed, and she even stock up on food in case we go hungry. My dad and I were laughing like crazy behind her back. She's just so cute and clueless.

Once we reached Bangkok, we head straight to Mandarin Oriental Hotel where the restaurant (Sala Rim Naam) is located with our luggage (good thing the hotel helped us store our luggage at the counter) and to our surprise, the restaurant is actually located across the hotel (though it's still under Mandarin Oriental Hotel). The staffs there are so helpful and friendly which is a total thumbs up and lead us to the pier where a traditional thai boat will bring us over to the restaurant. Good concept ya. Loved it.

The waiters and waitresses were really friendly and they even helped us through the surprise event (I will be uploading the video up soon so do stay tune!). The food there was great! The pineapple fried rice (yum!), the duck dish (once it reached the table, it's all gone so you know how good it is), sweet potato appetizer (love!), fried fish (I'm not really into fried fish but my family loved it), green curry (holy moly! YUM YUM YUM!), mango salad (it's really good and the mango is just so fresh), pad thai (was alright), mango with sticky rice (BEST EVER!!). They also served us a plate of thai desserts for my mum. So sweet of them. Two thumbs up for Sala Rim Naam and we will definitely go back again for the food.

Stay tune to the surprise birthday video!

Sala Rim Naam
48 Oriental Ave Alley
Bang Rak, Bangkok,
Tel: +66 2 659 9000

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