Paulaner & Comex I.T Show 2014

Look at how big my sister-in-law's mug as compared to mine. Mine was beginner's mug.

It's my first experience going to Comex I.T Show and apparently it's not really what I thought it would be. Firstly, the crowds were insane! I expected it to be packed with people so I'm mentally prepared for it but still, it's like insane! Secondly, Sony only showcased their games section and accessories throughout this show. No cameras no nothing. I was planning to get the Sony Camera RX100M3 so I was pretty disappointed. I mean I have to literally get knocked by hundreds and hundreds of shoulders just to locate the Sony booth where they sells their camera but then, it turns out there wasn't any. The only thing I find it fun was to disturb my little brother who was working under Challenger HP Printer section and that's about it. Super empty handed! Lucky elder brother of mine managed to get the laptop he wanted. I think if you are looking for like laptops, printers, gaming console, TV and computers accessories, Comex will be the best place for you. Nikon, Fujifilm and Canon cameras too. Poor Sony doesn't have a booth to showcase their cameras. Too bad then. I still managed to get my cameras at the Sony Center in Marina Square so I'm happy.

That night, my family and I went to Paulaner at Millennium Walk for some drinks and small bites. I'm not into bars and drinking but I would definitely come back to this place. The food was great. The sausages are the best! Apparently their beers are good too! I finally drank beer after so long and I wasn't even planning to at the first place. My elder brother was like "You come to this fabulous place with awesome beer and you are going to order Earl Grey Tea? No, you are going to drink some beer tonight". Yup, I have pretty awesome family who always encourage me to drink since I literally dislike drinking alcohols. Overall, we had a pretty good night at Paulaner and the live bands were good. Let’s just say with good food and good beers, nothing will go wrong!

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