Mooncake Festival

Every year during mooncake festivals, my house will be stocked with boxes and boxes of mooncakes sent by our friends and suppliers. We couldn't be more grateful as it always filled our kitchen with happiness and excitement. Every this time of the year, our chinese tea pot and mini cups would also come out of retirement and my mum would prepare lovely chinese tea to go along with all these beautiful mooncakes. What's even better is to light some lanterns by the beach at night and enjoy the mooncakes and chinese tea with your love ones.


Merce said...

Oh my god, they look awesome and so adorable! *_*
I never ever saw anything like that in Germany - they definitely miss something! :O
Do they have a special taste?
God, they're so pretty!*o*

Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean said...

Thank you so much for the follow.
Follow you back on bloglovin.
Btw,I'm also on Instagram,maybe you like my account?
Lovely greets from germany ;-)

Marine Lek said...

@Vanessa Billie-Jill-Jean I have liked your instagram. :) Like mine too! :)

Marine Lek said...

@Merce This is one of the traditional food for Chinese. We had them during one of our festival called Mooncake Festival/ Lantern Festivals. My first photo is the traditional Mooncake with lotus bean pasting. You can choose from plain (just lotus paste), with nuts or with salted egg. There are quite a lot of modern mooncakes made with ice cream, durians, etc...

They are indeed beautiful and delicious. :)

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