Lava Cake @ North Border Bar & Grill

I went North Border Bar & Grill twice for dinner with my family and I always ended up with a super bloated stomach because the food there are always so delicious especially their desserts. This particular dessert will definitely make your body all curled up because it may be the best lava cake you ever had in Singapore!

I have been trying to find a lava cake that can top this but until today; this is still on the top of my list. First of all, the outer layer of the lava cake might looks rough but that makes the cake crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (let's not even mention how the chocolate will flow out the moment you cut it. Yum!). You know how some lava cake is super sweet and if you eat too much it might make you sick, this one here, not the case. Not too sweet and not too bitter. It's really spot-on. The ice cream, soft and not too crazy with the sugar level as well. The cherry sauce, bring the whole dish to a whole new level. It might look super intense but seriously, the whole dish is well balanced and it will not make you feel awful if you eat too much so it's a total thumbs up for me! 

When ordering, remember to order them together with your meals. Do not wait until you are done with your main dishes because sometimes it might just go out of stock within a snap of a finger so let me warn you, order less side and main dishes because you don't want to miss this fabulous lava cake. It's called the Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Torte. Trust me on this one.

North Border Bar & Grill
2 Rochester Dr, Singapore 139213
Tel: 6777 6618

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Lauren Goldie said...

Oh my gosh! This lava cake and cherry sauce looks like my idea of heaven! I will definitely be searching for lava cake here in the UK! x

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