Renowned Pastry Chef Escriba

Escriba is a well-known cafe in Barcelona and apparently they will be launching in Singapore soon. They have one branch in La Rambla and one just across SOHO Hotel Barcelona where I stayed. 

Chef Christian Escriba is behind this amazing cafe and the displayed cakes will definitely lurk you in. Chocolates in shaped of a heel, a cartoon character and a hansel and grater like candy house. It's amazingggg... 

We had breakfast there and the pastries and sandwiches were great. We didn't managed to try their cakes (regret), but their pastries and sandwiches were great. It's one of those trip advisor place and truly people don't lie about it. It's a cosy cafe with very friendly waiters. You can enjoy watching all the bakers decorate the chocolates and cakes while you are having your breakfast or afternoon tea. It's definitely one of the place you want to try when you are in Barcelona. Thumbs Up!!

Escriba Gran Via
Address: Gran Via Les Corts Catalanes, 546, 08011 Barcelona
Tel: 93 454 75 35

Escriba Rambla
*I read a lot of comments about this brand saying how messed up the services were so I would recommend the branch at Gran Via since I had a wonderful time there. Great service and great food.*
Rambla de les Flors, 83, 08001 Barcelona
Tel: 93 301 60 27

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