NAHM - No. 1 Restaurant in Asia

 Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok is rated World's Best Restaurant (Top 13) and Asia's Best Restaurant (No. 1) and truly, all these titles are not just for show because this might be one of the best thai cuisine you will ever tasted.

Recommended it by one of my brother's friend who is living in Bangkok, and I thank you for that because this place is hella good!

Doors are only opened at 7pm sharp and if you are early, you simply wait. This is how good the restaurant is and I can see why. More like taste why. I am someone who hate waiting but for this restaurant, I don't mind waiting at all. For their food, I-WOULD-WAIT!

We have ordered 2 choices of food per category in their menu and whatever we ordered, it came out hella good! From the appetizer to the main course, it's a wow for my family and I. Simply just heaven.

Oh ya! Also, the chicken salad they served, it's really good but it's also HELLA SPICY!!! Anything my brother and sister-in-law said it's spicy, it's really damn spicy. I almost burnt to death that day so you guys might wanna take the waiter's advise in mind especially on the spicy level of the food.

I hope you guys will enjoy this place as much as my family did and I certainly can't wait to go back to this place again.

Nahm Restaurant
27 Sathorn Road, Metropolitan by COMO Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 625 3388
***Advance Booking is recommended!***

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