Mr. Jones Orphanage @ Siam Center, Bangkok

Mr. Jones Orphanage is one of the cafe you would like to check it out when you are in Bangkok. They have a total of 2 branches and if you are heading around Siam Paragon or Platinum, the closest branch will be at Siam Center and if I'm not wrong, Siam Center is just next to Siam Paragon.

There are lots of positive comments about this cafe and according to TripAdvisor, their cakes are pretty amazing. My sister-in-law too, love cafe hopping and she came across this cafe on the internet as well, so we have decided to list this cafe as a MUST to go.

First of all, the interior of the cafe is similar adorable. With all the little teddy bears and train tracks above our head, it's like we are in Disneyland or something. The cakes they showcased on the entrance is just mama-mia. I had to literally hold my mouth shut in case my saliva drip all over my clothes.

These are the cakes you would like to try:-
1. Kit Kat Cake - This cake is what they are known for and this might be the most sinful cake you'll ever had. The sponge of the cake is spongy with thick layers of chocolate in between (YUM!), kit kat on the border of the cake (Even better) and M&M chocolate topping flooded on top of the cake (HEAVEN!). This is definitely a MUST to try!
2. Passion fruit Sponge Cake - The sponge of this cake is soft and light, with cream and strawberry in between of 2 sponges, and the passion fruit topping. It's a nice cake but certainly not THE cake so you might wanna skip this and try something else.
3. Apple Pie with Ice Cream - I'm not really a apple pie type of person unless it's McDonald's apple pie but this apple pie taste GOOD! My sister-in-law ordered this and damn, this pie is good! You guys can considered ordering this when you go but do keep in mind the portion is quite big.
4. Chocolate fudge cake - A classic dessert you would order in most cafes and this too, never disappoint. For me, a good classic chocolate fudge cake is the success of cafes. If your chocolate fudge cake don't taste good, I will never go back to that place ever again. This is how important chocolate fudge cake is to me and THIS chocolate fudge cake, RULES!!! The cake itself taste like heaven let alone the ice cream and the chocolate sauce. So if you combine them together, it's twice the heaven people. Yup!

As usual, I would always order Earl Grey tea whichever cafe I go, it's the perfect combination to everything I eat. I used to only drink English Breakfast or Hot Green Tea but ever since my sister-in-law recommended me to Earl Grey, damn I never stop. It's just so refreshing and it doesn't spoil the taste of whatever I eat so I admit, I have an addiction to Earl Grey tea. 

Anyways, if you would like to check out this cafe, here are the address:-

Siam Center, 2nd Floor (Close to the exit to Paragon Mall)
Tel: 02 658 1163

Ground Floor, Seen Space Soi Thong Lor Soi 13, 
Off Sukhumvit Soi 55 Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, 
Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: 02 185 2378

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