Awesome year ahead!

A blink of an eye, it's already June and half of the year is gone but June since to be an exciting month for me and it's just the second week of the month. 

This month, I will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand on the 18th to 21st for a very special surprise event, my mum's birthday. So this is how the plan goes, my parents will be heading over to Bangkok first and my siblings and I will be hopping on the next flight over. By the time we reached there, my parents will probably be out shopping so we have to rush to the cake store to get a cake and meet them at the restaurant to surprise my mum. I'm finger-crossing everything will go well!!! 

I will also be posting about the trip once I'm back so do check out this space!!

Next, my family and I will be heading to Australia (Melbourne and Tasmania) on the 25th September to 4th Oct for our annual family vacation. I love planning trips so I'm glad we're not following tours this time round and will be driving around ourselves. I'm excited!!!

Lastly, my parents and I will be going to Hong Kong this December to just chill and relax. My mum and I will be visiting the fabric street together this time and I'm excited because the previous time we went, my dad insist my mum to follow him for some day tour and I have to go to the fabric street alone. That's sad but since she wants me to make a gown for her, I'm dragging her along with me to the fabric street to choose her fabric. I'm so looking forward to Hong Kong. That also means, I can get my Chinese New Year clothes there!!! Can't wait.

It's awesome awesome year ahead and I hope there's more good news to come!!!

Til next time..

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